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Geological Survey Department

GSD Office

Geological Survey Department (GSD) was founded in 1913 and has since been the main repository of the country’s geosciences database. GSD is responsible for the study of the country in detail to assess its resource potential.

Mission                                                                                          The Geological Survey Department as the principal curator of national geoscientific data has the main task to continuously generate, collect, store and archive relevant geoscientific data and to disseminate data and information in a user friendly way to the government, industry and the public at large. Generation of geoscientific data is done by field surveys, research and investigations. The Department has the responsibility to advise the Nation to make informed decisions on geoscientific issues concerning mineral and ground water resources, environment, geohazards and land use planning

The Geological Survey Department aspires to be an internationally recognized organization contributing to the development agenda of the country through the provision of geoscientific information.

The Geologycal Survey Department performs its functions as are conferred on it by law for theeffective implementation of Act 127 and regulations mad under the Act. Specifically, the main functions of the GSD are:

  • Geological Mapping and Mineral exploration

  • Geophysical surveys in search of mineral deposits, groundwater resources, and environmental studies

  • Geochemical survey and analysis of samples

  • Engineering and geohazard studies

  • Quarry site investigations for construction materials

  • Clay prospecting and evaluation for industrial uses and training and production of ceramic wares

  • Earthquake monitoring, seismic studies and educational programmes on earthquakes and geohazards

  • Drilling for exploration and evaluation of mineral and groundwater resources

  • Examination and issuing of permits for non-commercial quantities of mineral, rock and soil samples for analysis overseas

  • Provide Improved geology data for small-scale miners


Contact Details

The Director
Geological Survey Department

 Location: The Ministries, Kinbu Road, Accra
 Postal Address: P.O. Box M 80 Accra
 Tel.: +233- 302- 679236 / 679237 / 679239
 Fax: +233-302- 679238
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