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Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources (MLNR)

MLNR OfficeThe Ministry of Lands and National Resources exists to ensure the sustainable management and utilization of the nation's lands, forests, wildlife and efficient management of mineral resources for the country's socio-economic growth and development. This is achieved through:

  • efficient formulation, implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes of sector agencies;
  • efficient and equitable land delivery;
  • promotion of sustainable forest, wildlife and mineral resource management and utilization;
  • promotion of effective inter-agency and cross-sectoral linkages;
  • creation of an enabling environment for effective private sector participation; and
  • promotion of effective community participation in multiple use of land, forest wildlife and mineral resources

The Mininstry of Lands and Natural Resources programmes and projects are implemented by its Departments and Agencies within the following sub-sectors:

  • Land Sub-Sector
  • Forestry Sub-Sector
  • Minerals Sub-Sector

Land Sub-Sector

The Lands Commission
Responsible for the management of bublic and vested lands and the certification of stool lands transactions.
The Land Valuation Board
Responsible for advising Governmento on all landed-property valuations for rental, capital, rating and compensation purposes.
The Survey Department
Responsible for undertaking national land surveys, mapping, licensing and supervision of land surveyors and verification and approval of survey plans.
The Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands
Responsible for the establishment of stool land accounts for each stool, collection of stool land revenue and the disbursement of such revenues to beneficiaries as specified in the 1992 Contitution.
The Land Title Registry
Responsible for maintaining an up-to-date register of titles to land and protection of interests in land throughout the country.

Forestry Sub-Sector

The Forestry Commission
This Commission is responsible for the management and utilization of the nation's forest and wildlife resources. The Commission has three Divisions namely:
Forest Services Division
Responsible for management, development and utilization of the nation's forest resources.
Wildlife Division
Responsible for wildlife conservation, management and protection of wildlife reserves, as well as conservation of wetlands.
Timber Industry Development Division
Responsible for tracking the movement of wood products, certifying product standards in the timber industry; compiling timber marketing intelligence and promoting approved industrial processing.

Mining Sub-Sector

The Minerals Commission
The Commission is responsible for the regulation and management of the utilization of the mineral resources of Ghana and the co-ordination of the policies in relation to them.
The Geological Survey Department
Responsible for the provision of reliable and up-to-date geological information for national development through geological mappin, research and investigations and also acts as repository of the country's geo-scientific data.
The Inspectorate Division of Minerals Commission
The Inspectorate Division of Minerals Commission is responsible for instituting and enforcing health, safety and environmental standards in the mines. It also ensures that mining companies and all mining related activities comply with Ghana's Mining and Mineral laws and Regulations through effective monitoring.
The Precious Minerals Marketing Company Limited
The PMMC provides official marketing services for small scale gold and diamond miners. It also promotes the development of precious minerals and the jewellery industry in Ghana.

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The Technical Director of Mines
Ministry of Lands and National Resources

Location: The Ministries, Kinbu Road, Accra
Postal Address: P.O. Box M 212 Accra
Tel.: +233- 302- 687314
Fax: +233-302- 666801
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