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Mining Subsector Institutions

The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources (Mining Subsector Institutions) are to ensure efficient management of the nation's mineral resources and promote their judicious exploration, exploitation and processing with minimal harm to the environment, for optimum benefit to society. The main instutitions under the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources (Mining Subsector) are:

  • Minerals Commission (MC): The Commission is responsible for the regulation and management of the development of mineral resources of Ghana and the co-ordination and implementation of policies related to mining.
  • Geological Survey Department (GSD): The Department is responsible for the provision of reliable and up-to-date geological information for national development through geological mapping, research and investigation
  • Precious Minerals Marketing Company (PMMC):  The Company provides official marketing services for small-scale gold and diamond miners. It also promotes the development of precious minerals and jewellery industries in Ghana, and is responsible for handling the export of all diamonds produced in Ghana.


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